Pour House in North Wales hit with 34 violations; Mold-like growth observed on walls, on pepper jack cheese slices, on interior splash guard of crushed ice machine

Pour House in North Wales hit with 34 violations; Mold-like growth observed on walls, on pepper jack cheese slices, on interior splash guard of crushed ice machine

North Wales, PA

Pour House


The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health (MCOPH) conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on January 27, 2020. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Pour House in North Wales was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 34 violations were found and include one or more violations determined to be food borne illness risk factors.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • MCOPH eating and drinking establishment license not posted for public view.

  • Wet wiping clothes, cut lemon and food prep equipment knives observed inside of multiple hand sinks in facility. EHS reviewed with kitchen staff and management that hand sinks are only permitted to be used for hand washing.

  • Mold like growth observed on wrapped pepper jack cheese slices inside of walk in cooler – facility voluntarily discarded 1 packet and EHS inspected all remaining units.

  • (2 times repeat violation) facility lacking date of last sale on shellfish tags in records container. Facility additionally instructed to store in an organized sequential order.

  • Mold-like growth observed on interior splash guard of crushed ice machine.

  • Facility table top mounted can opener observed unclean (metal like shavings and accumulation). Facility instructed to clean and sanitize unit during time of inspection.

  • Items stored at food prep cooler adjacent to ware washing area observed above an approved cold holding temperature – facility stated items at upper rail were stored overnight at walk in cooler – items observed at 46F and were relocated from unit. Items stored along bottom of unit were observed at or above 50F; the following items were voluntarily discarded by facility – one unit each of (honey mustard, Dijon mustard, horseradish, bleu cheese, Italian dressing, cocktail sauce.

  • (4 times repeat violation) Adequate date markings observed on multiple opened containers of TCS food items as well as sliced deli cheeses. Facility instructed that approved date markings include a discard date not to exceed seven days after the preparation of a TCS food item or the piercing of packaging of a TCS food items not meant for use within 24hrs of preparation of opening of items. EHS will discuss potential for legal actions with MCOPH management – EHS discussed with facility that multiple repeat violations may lead to future and immediate legal actions.

  • Food prep cooler located adjacent to ware washing area unable to maintain items at or below an approved cold holding temperature. Facility internal temperature observed at 46F. Facility has voluntarily taken unit out of service during time of inspection. Facility is not permitted to place unit back into service without written permission granted by MCOPH. Facility instructed to provide work order from certified tech stating new and approved cold holding temperature to email provided.

  • Improper set up of ice bath at chicken dredging station on cooks line. set up only provided ice coverage on bottom of pan of buttermilk – facility instructed to place inside of a deeper and wide pan with ice packed up the sides of the pan.

  • (2 times repeat violation) Facility observed thawing vacuum sealed raw fish (salmon) at walk in freezer. Facility instructed to pierce packaging. Facility instructed that multiple repeat violations may lead to future immediate legal actions.

  • Easily readable ambient thermometers lacking at multiple cold holding units in facility.

  • Cleaned drying racks meant for storing utensils stored directly below fly lights at kitchen ware washing area. Facility relocated during time of inspection.

  • (3 times repeat violation) Employee beverages lacking lids and straws observed at multiple prep areas during active prep as well as mixed with retail food items during storage.

  • Facility storing shell eggs inside of container lined with wiping clothes.

  • Food items (bison burgers) Stored on floor of walk in cooler used to prop open door to walk in freezer and box of corn stored on floor of prep line.

  • Ice accumulation observed on interior of reach down ice cream freezer – facility storing uncovered ice cubes for human consumption and ice cream bins at unit.

  • Upper most items stored at speed rack in walk in cooler – uncovered. COS – facility instructed to place empty sheet pan on upper most rack of sheet ban to provide coverage and allow cooling of items on speed rack.

  • Personal use items (purses, keys, phones, etc) stored mixed with retail food items in storage as well in and around prep areas.

  • Bearded food handler lacking beard restraint during active food prep on cooks line.

  • Wet wiping clothes stored outside of sanitizer solution at food prep stations throughout facility.

  • (2 times repeat violation) Facility storing tongs hanging from oven handles adjacent to wood stove on cooks line.

  • Facility storing scoop inside of bulk storage container of flour with handle in contact / coated with product.

  • (2 times repeat violation) Single use condiment cups stored in multiple prep cooler food storage containers, floating in quarter pan of cheese mix on stove top as well as bulk food storage containers.

  • Gaskets observed torn on feed prep cooler door – prep cooler across from wood oven.

  • Interior of door to food prep cooler across from wood burning stove damaged – with torn seem in surface.

  • Splash-like accumulations observed on fixtures around nozzles of soda dispensers at waitstaff area.

  • Interior of multiple food prep coolers unclean.

  • Exterior of beef base at walk in cooler unclean.

  • Multiple hand sinks at kitchen lacking waste receptacles.

  • Mold-like growth observed on walls at seams of ware washing area.

  • Ice accumulation observed throughout flooring of walk in freezer.

  • Mop drying on bottom of mop sink. Facility instructed to hang and invert for drying.

  • Stagnant milky colored water observed on floor of walk in cooler as well as stagnant water observed at ice machine flooring and back prep areas.