29 Health Department violations for American Star Diner in North Wales; Mold like growth observed in/on ice maker, belt sander stored with food prep items

29 Health Department violations for American Star Diner in North Wales; Mold like growth observed in/on ice maker, belt sander stored with food prep items

North Wales, PA

American Star Diner


The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health (MCOPH) conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on 2/13/2020. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the American Star Diner was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of XX violations were found and include one or more violations determined to be food borne illness risk factors.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • Facility posting expired license. Facility instructed to locate original and post immediately or apply for duplicate license and post immediately upon receiving.

  • Facility hand sink at entrance to kitchen obstructed by bus pans / bins.

  • Facility lacking paper towels at multiple hand sinks.

  • Equipment (steel wool) stored inside hand sink in back prep area.

  • Uncovered food items observed at refrigeration and freezer units throughout facility.

  • Open original containers of bulk food items observed throughout back prep area. Facility relocated items to secured secondary containers during time of inspection.

  • (3 times repeat violation) Facility sanitizer buckets observed outside of an approved range. Chlorine levels observed greater than 100ppm. COS – facility remixed multiple buckets.

  • Facility chemical sanitizing dish machine observed producing sanitizer levels outside of an approved range – greater than 100ppm. Facility has voluntarily taken unit out of service during time of inspection. Facility instructed to wash/rinse/sanitize dish ware at three basin sink. Facility is not permitted to place unit back into service without written permission granted by MCOPH. Failure to comply may result in future and immediate legal actions. Facility instructed to provide MCOPH with work order from technician stating new and approved concentration of sanitizer produced by machine – fax or email. EHS provide contact information during time of inspection.

  • (3 times repeat violation )food-like accumulation observed on can opener blade at time of inspection. COS – facility cleaned and sanitized during time of inspection.

  • Food-like accumulation observed on slicer blade and blade housing at time of inspection. COS – facility cleaned and sanitized during time of inspection.

  • Mold like growth observed in/on ice maker. Facility instructed to clean and sanitize in accordance with owner’s manual.

  • Multiple customer use self-service dishware ready for use at salad bar and inside of cup at milk shake station observed unclean with debris. Facility voluntarily removed items from service to wash, clean and sanitized during time of inspection. EHS reviewed with staff and management need to confirm that food contact surfaces have been adequately wash, cleaned and sanitized prior to use.

  • Homogenized eggs, raw egg based French toast dip observed above an approved cold holding temperature – 52-55F inside of reach in section of food prep cooler on cooks line. Facility stated items had been held out of refrigeration during breakfast service (greater than four hours) and were not held using time as a public health control. Facility voluntarily discarded one bin of homogenized eggs, one bind of raw egg French toast dip as well as approximately 1 dozen raw shell eggs.

  • (3 times repeat violation) Facility menu includes raw/undercooked food disclaimer. but disclaimer statement is not linked to applicable menu items by use of an asterisk(*) or by other means. Facility granted until next routine inspection during prior re-inspection to update menus to full compliance EHS will discuss potential for legal actions with MCOPH management.

  • Personal items (clothing) stored hanging from dry shelving at back pantry area.

  • Construction tool (belt sander) observed stored mixed with food prep items at shelving under prep table in back prep area.

  • (2 times repeat violation) Tongs stored on grill handle at cook’s line.

  • (2 times repeat violation) Facility observed storing plates/bowls with food-contact surfaces exposed at shelving above cook’s line.

  • Facility observed washing and re-using single use salad dressing bins at shelving storing clean and dried/drying food prep and storage equipment. COS – voluntarily discarded by facility

  • Gasket damaged / torn at facility walk in freezer.

  • One of two faucets at three basin sink detached. Facility still able to provide readily available hot water for unit. COS – technician/plumber repairing unit during time of inspection.

  • Date marking / identification stickers observed on exterior of multiple clean food storage vessels on drying racks.

  • (3 times repeat violation) Food-like accumulation observed on underside of shelving directly above food preparation refrigerators / food prep areas on cook’s line.

  • (3 times repeat violation) Grease-like accumulation observed on equipment and fixtures of cooks line with droplets observed below hood vent system. EHS contact Montgomery Township Fire Services regarding heavy accumulation.

  • Dust like accumulation observed on fixtures on top of 1 door reach in cooler on cooks line.

  • Dust like accumulation observed on fan unit above cooks line.

  • Spillage and debris observed on nozzles of milk dispenser at front waitress / expo station.

  • Food spillage / accumulation observed in gaskets of reach in coolers / freezers throughout facility.

  • Floors throughout kitchen and under equipment with spillage and accumulation.