Allegheny County issues consumer alert for The Spot, ETC in Penn Hills

Allegheny County issues consumer alert for The Spot, ETC in Penn Hills

Penn Hills, PA

The Spot Etc.

11675 Frankstown Rd
Penn Hills, PA 15235

The Allegheny County Health Department conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on 1/29/21 at The Spot Etc.   During this inspection a total of 12 violations were found.

The agency issued a Consumer Alert, Monday February 1, 2021 for the following reasons:

Improper cold holding, malfunctioning refrigeration, failure to monitor refrigeration temperatures, inadequate cleaning of a food contact surface, unlabeled toxic items, and lack of a certified food protection manager.


The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during  January 29, 2021 inspection:

  • Two chubs of ground beef, five cases raw chicken, two bags shredded cheese, and three packages of sliced cheese stored in the walk-in cooler measured 46F-49F. Internal air temperature of unit measured 50F. Products stored in unit greater than 4 hours (overnight). All products isolated to be discarded. CFPM contacted owner during inspection. Owner called for emergency service.
  • Internal air temperature of walk-in cooler measured 50F
  • Dumpster observed overflowing
  • Food debris observed on magnetic strips storing clean knives
  • Unlabeled chemical spray bottles stored at the handwashing sink.
  • CFPM did not monitor temperature of walk-in cooler
  • Cases of chicken and potatoes stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler.
  • Door handle of beer walk-in cooler observed missing.
  • Grease and debris build-up observed on wall behind 3-bowl sink
  • Wall in beer walk-in cooler not constructed of smooth, durable, easily cleanable material. (REPEAT VIOLATION)*
  • Light fixtures in kitchen area unshielded. (REPEAT VIOLATION)
  • Heavy grease build-up observed on ventilation hood and filters
  • Wet mops stored head down in mop buckets.