Heavy build up of cobwebs, Bradford’s Lighthouse Family Restaurant fails third inspection, hit with 13 violations by state

Heavy build up of cobwebs, Bradford’s Lighthouse Family Restaurant fails third inspection, hit with 13 violations by state

Bradford, PA

Lighthouse Family Restaurant in Bradford


The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on October 28, 2019. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Lighthouse Family Restaurant in Bradford was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 13 violations were found.

This marks the third failed inspection since June 25, 2018, when the inspectors found 5 violations. A follow-up inspection on July 5, 2018, was also out of compliance with one violation.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • Chlorine chemical sanitizer residual detected in the final sanitizer rinse cycle of the low temperature sanitizing dishwasher was 0 ppm, and not 50-100 ppm as required. Bucket had recently been changed, unit was primed and dispensed adequately.
  • Various breakfast food (trays of eggs,pans of sausage and cooked potatoes) was held at 64-70°F (room temp), in the grill area, rather than 41°F or below as required. According to PIC, products were put out at 8:30 am, must be used or disposed by 12:30 pm. Products must either be kept under temp control or a written procedure is needed to document disposal after 4 hours out of temp.
  • Mechanical ware washing equipment had a heavy lime scale buildup observed inside.
  • Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration.
  • The Person in Charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection.
  • A pan of raw ground beef was stored above produce in the bottom of the prep unit by the grill. Left handout.
  • Several reach in freezers have a heavy frost build up, which is accumulating on the food stored within, which could be a source of potential contamination. Freezers need defrosted on a more frequent basis.
  • Pans of food stored in standing water in the bottom of the prep unit at the grill. The bottoms of the pans must be wiped with sanitizer and unit must be cleaned/sanitized and kept dry. Pans cannot be stored in standing water at any time.
  • Observed frozen reduced oxygen packaged fish not being kept frozen until time of use. ROP broken during inspection.
  • Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil. The sides and underneath of several grills have a heavy build up of grease and food spillage. The mixing room has a heavy build up of cobwebs and dust. The exhaust fan by the dish room has a heavy dust/grease build up. Area behind and around the clothes’ washer/dryer needs cleaning.
  • Plumbing system not maintained in good repair – observed leaking at the 3 basin sink in the kitchen, repair attempted with duct tape.
  • Food employees observed handling food not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets, hats, or beard covers.
  • Various containers of refrigerated, ready to eat time temperature control for safety food was date-marked by the facility (corned beef 10-19,turkey and ham salad 10-16,tuna salad 10-20,cooked fish 10-18,etc), but was beyond the 7 day use or sell by date and requires discarding. Packages of opened hot dogs and deli meats and pans of cooked meats are not being dated. Leftover heels of ham and other meats must still be dated, cannot be used past the original 7 day use date, ham salad must have the use by date of the oldest piece of ham used. Left handout.
  • Duct tape observed being used for repair on the meat tenderizer and other equipment, cannot be used on food equipment as it is not a non-absorbent material and is not smooth and easily cleanable.