Exton’s Snap Custom Pizza fails third inspection in a year’; Walk-in floors are unclean with food debris and dirt present, plastic dough trays are unclean

Exton’s Snap Custom Pizza fails third inspection in a year’; Walk-in floors are unclean with food debris and dirt present, plastic dough trays are unclean

Exton, PA

Snap Custom Pizza

Exton, PA 19341

The Chester County Health Department conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on January 16, 2020. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Snap Custom Pizza was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 6 violations were found.

Snap Custom Pizza in Exton has failed two other inspections in the previous year on February 1, 2019 with 5 violations, the follow-up inspection on February 11, 2019 before passing another follow-up inspection on February 12, 2019, although being cited for one non-food borne illness risk violation. 

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • The following cleaning violations were observed: – Walk-in refrigerator floors are unclean, with food debris and dirt present, particularly underneath the shelving units. – Exteriors of the plastic stackable dough trays in the walk-in refrigerator are unclean. These should be thoroughly washed and sanitized.
  • Garlic butter spread, a food items requiring refrigeration according to its label instructions, was found on a shelf at room temperature at the time of inspection. Container was voluntarily discarded by staff. Staff were advised to pull smaller portions to have at room temperature, and use a time log as a means to control for food safety. This violation was corrected on site.
  • Several of the wooden serving “trays” the facility places pizzas on for customers are cracked, broken, and/or deeply scored from knives/pizza cutters. Any damaged units must be voluntarily discarded, as they are not easily cleanable, and subject to contamination in the bare wood below the finished wood surface.
  • Facility was ordered on 02-11-2019 to document food temperatures, or begin using time as a means to control for food safety for all toppings on display, due to documented temperature issues with the cold holding units utilized. The facility is documenting neither the time items were put out on display, nor the product temperatures as previously required. The facility MUST either: 1) Keep all food items on display maintained at a temperature of 41 degrees F or below. or 2)maintain a time log for the toppings display units, noting the time at which the food items were taken out of the walk-in refrigerator and placed into the unit, and discarding all potentially hazardous food items no later than four (4) hours after the initial time at which the items were placed into the unit. Whichever procedure the facility intends to proceed with must receive approval from this Department. Failure to take an action will result in further legal action being taken against the facility, up to and including the issuance of Non-Traffic Citations and/or revocation of the facility’s License to Operate.
  • Can opener has an accumulation of food residue and debris around the blade area, a food contact surface. Clean and sanitize.