Health Department slaps Lansdale Red Lobster with 14 violations; fumbles 7th inspection since October 2016, passed 1

Health Department slaps Lansdale Red Lobster with 14 violations; fumbles 7th inspection since October 2016, passed 1

Lansdale, PA

Red Lobster


The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health (MCOPH) conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on 3/2/2020. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Red Lobster in Lansdale was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 14 violations were found and include one or more violations determined to be food borne illness risk factors.

The restaurant has failed to pass even of the last eight visits from the Health Department going back to October 2016:

  • Oct 20, 2016- 6 violations during routine inspection
  • Feb 27, 2017- 7 violations during routine inspection
  • Sep 29, 2017- 6 violations during routine inspection
  • Mar 29, 2018- 19 violations during routine inspection
  • Jul 20, 2018- ZERO violations after Health Department receives complaint from the public
  • Feb 4, 2019- 7 violations during routine inspection
  • Aug 28, 2019- 8 violations during routine inspection

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • Staff observed discarding ice and beverages into hand sink on end of waitress expo station.
  • Heavily dented can of chowder at dry storage shelving – 1 unit voluntarily discarded by facility.
  • Open original container of bulk food item (sugar) at shelving of dry storage area – facility voluntarily relocated to an approved storage vessel.
  • TCS food items at walk in cooler observed above an approved cold holding temperature – 47F. Facility voluntarily relocated cooked lobster, raw shrimp, prepared shrimp scampi and lobster tails to walk in freezer for rapid chilling.
  • Facility improper cook chill procedures applied to items stored inside of walk in cooler – facility cooling items in sealed containers as well as no rapid chilling of items thawed under hot running water. prep took place within three hours of EHS observing – items relocated to walk freezer for rapid chilling. EHS reviewed approved cooling procedures with food handlers.
  • Employee cell phone stored in prep area during active prep along back prep line.
  • Employee personal use beverage stored mixed with retail food items at 1 door u/c cooler on cooks line. COS – facility voluntarily relocated.
  • 4Hair restraint lacking for food handler during active food prep.
  • Multiple gaskets damaged at reach in cooler units.
  • Mobile cutting boards at cooks line prep station with deep grooves and discoloration.
  • Rust accumulation observed on interior shelving of 1 door reach in cooler on cooks line. Facility provide receipt for new shelving during time of inspection – order previous day.
  • Spill-like accumulation observed beneath soda dispensers at waitress expo stations.
  • Interior of 1 door u/c cooler on cooks line unclean.
  • Stagnant water from cleaning observed under shelving at dry storage room at back delivery door.