Health Dept: West Grove Diner defies governor’s order, papers over window, people eating in restaurant, alleged “service dog” roaming around restaurant

West Grove, PA

West Grove Diner

108 Rosehill AVE
West Grove, PA 19390

The Chester County Health Department conducted an “Emergency Response” inspection after receiving a second complaint the West Grove Diner was not complying with Governor Wolf’s order that restaurant only conduct takeout and delivery. Department records say Rhonda Knight owns the restaurant and the person in charge during this incident was Ashley Mastronardo.

The inspector made the following statements:

This Department received another complaint on 4/13/20 in regards to violation of the PA Governor’s No-Dine-In order issued on March 19, 2020. It should be noted that this is the second complaint of this violation to be reported to this Department. You were informed during the last complaint telephone interview not to allow any customers to dine-in and you were also informed of the penalties that will result as a result of the violation. The previous complaint and telephone interview was documented in the PA Food Safety Reporting System on 4/7/20. (Department documentation shows the warning was by telephone)

Upon inspection customers were observed seated for dine in service at the service counter. As a result of this violation Non-Traffic Citations will be filed in local District Court. It should be noted that the facility’s front windows have been covered with paper. A police officer from the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department was present during this inspection.

All customers were requested to vacate the premises. All dine-in service must cease immediately and until further notice.

Further observed non-compliance of the PA Governor’s No-Dine-In Order will result in the issuance of a Cease & Desist Order and suspension of the retail food facility license. Suspension of the retail food license will require ALL food facility operations to cease and that this Department will retain the physical retail food facility license until further notice.

The food facility may continue to offer take-out, curbside pick-up or delivery in accordance with COVID-19 food facility guidelines. Failure to comply will result in the complete closure of the food facility as noted above. The food facility operator was informed of the above legal actions initiated by this Department.

It should be noted that a dog was observed in the dining area. The person in charge stated that it was her service dog yet the dog was roaming around the dining area and she was working behind the service counter. A review of the regulations is pending in regards to the legal presence of the dog.

The restaurant said on their website, yesterday, around 8PM, “We are open for take-out and delivery only until further notice.” No such message was observed by The Pennsylvania Chronicle checking their Facebook page since the start of the COVID-19 Orders issued by Governor Tom Wolf in March.

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