Unionville High School kitchen in Kennet Square fails 2nd straight Health Department inspection

Unionville High School kitchen in Kennet Square fails 2nd straight Health Department inspection

Kennet Square, PA

Unionville High School kitchen

750 Unionville RD
Kennett Square, PA 19348

The Chester County Health Department conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on December 20, 2019. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Unionville High School kitchen was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 6 violations were found.

The Unionville High School kitchen failed its annual inspection on October 5, 2018, as well, with 4 violations. The inspector added the following statement to her report:

School is now offering Lunch and Learn. Lunches are served at three locations-Main Cafeteria, The Hub and Cyber Cafe. Foods in the Hub and Cyber Cafe are prepackaged. All lunches are served within a one hour period. A follow-up inspection will be conducted in approximately two weeks. The Certificate of Inspection will be issued once all violations listed above and on the School Sanitation Inspection Report have been corrected.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • Label cleaning buckets with the contents and maintain labeled.
  • Several lids to plastic containers and the ice scoop are chipped. Replace. Also, provide a holder for the ice scoop.
  • Hub: Provide thermometers in the refrigerated display units.
  • Hub: The refrigeration in the units observed with ambient air temperatures above 41 F. The air temperature in the room was 88 F. Make all needed repairs to ensure refrigeration maintains foods below 41 F.*
  • At the Organic kiosk, resurface the raw wood ledges to provide a smooth, easily cleanable surface. Remove the cardboard lining the shelves at the coffee pot storage area.
  • Provide irreversible temperature indicator strips or a maximum read digital thermometer for monitoring the final dish surface temperature.

* The temperature danger zone is food temperatures between 41 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit and the most rapid bacteria growth occurs between 70 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The longer food sits in this temperature range, the greater the risk that bacteria will begin to grow on food.